Monday, May 5, 2014

On the soccer field

Soccer has been gaining in popularity in the state, but only the big schools have a program in the spring for the kids, as an alternative to track.  Having worked in a small school for my whole career, I've watched a LOT of track, but never a soccer game.  Enter: my cousin's daughter.  Her team from Casper came to play Riverton, and so to visit with my cousin and also watch his daughter play, I met them in the stands. 

Fortunately, my cousin was nice enough to explain the rules and important points of the game as the action on the field commenced.  It was a good game, although I thought the Riverton team was excessively rough.  My cousin's daughter was purposely pushed to the ground just as she was attempting a goal.  Her arms and hip received nasty scrapes; we were relieved to see her return to the field. In the end, the Casper team won the game 3-1, so that felt good.

A soccer game -- It was a good introduction into another competitive sport.  One more note:  Hitting the ball with one's head....   how can that be a good thing???

My cousin, his lovely wife, and his very athletic daughter had time for a quick photo before the team got back on the bus and the parents headed out on their 2 hr. drive home. 


  1. It was a nice weekend to be outside. It's always great to connect with family.

  2. It's NOT a good thing. Many a soccer player has traumatic brain injury that goes undiagnosed.

    Soccer has gotten rougher and rougher since it became more popular.

    Glad your cousin's daughter was okay. They are a very cute family.

  3. My comment just vaporized!? Maybe it was the soccer genie because I, too, wonder about the result of using one's head in that way! Nice of you to go watch though.