Friday, May 30, 2014

Teens...back in the day...

When you you think of a bunch of teen girls getting together for a slumber party... do you think of  Teenage Ninja Knitters???  (Thanks for that term, Cheryl)  No, I didn't think so.

Nancy S. gave me a short stack of photos from "back in the day," and I must say I did NOT remember getting the gang together to chat, eat snacks, laugh, and KNIT!!  What the heck?  Did we really do that? 

The 60's party was at my house.  Here we are in what we referred to as the "back room," and in the photo you see two of the 6 invited. What else was there to do?  We had no local theaters or bowling alleys ... no soda shops ... and no video tapes or DVR's.  We may have listened to some 45's on my little record player...but for sure, we knitted for fun... the proof is in the picture! 

We girls were all in Pep Club together and spent many weekends at basketball games, chanting cheers and singing the school song and the fight song... in harmony, by the way! These girls have continued to be friends, long past our parting at graduation.  They were the best... and if they were all willing to knit at a slumber party...they've got to be extra special!!


  1. Ah yes, we were WILD in those days, and we had lots of fun!

  2. That is so COOL!

    I knit since I was a little girl, but I think I was the only one of my friends that did. :-(

  3. so cute and so fun!! Al and I have knitted in all kinds of situations but not at a slumber party!

  4. Well I never knitted at a slumber party, but I remember listening to "45's" and dancing with my girlfriends. It was a good, innocent time to be a teenager.