Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pottery bowls

CWC art students sponsored a fun event.  Students in a pottery class had made a wide array (colors and sizes) of  bowls and displayed them on several tables: they sold for $8 each.  This is the bowl I picked out. Once you made a purchase, you could fill the bowl with homemade chili, chips, cheese, and sour cream -- a great little lunch on a cold, snowy/rainy day in May.  Who would have thought a hot chili lunch would be a good idea in May?  But the timing couldn't have been better.  In fact, they ran out of chili...


  1. Our church used to do something similar. You bought a hand-thrown chili bowl and then we had a chili cook off. I volunteered one year to be a server. We had a ton of fun!

    Your bowl is so pretty! Good choice!

  2. The bowl you selected is wonderful.

    I like to eat chili even in the summer, but it's best on a cold day.

  3. What a great idea! And I love handmade pottery....

  4. What/ Thats a crazy great idea??? I would have bought a dozen of them.

  5. What a fun idea! Chili would be good here today, even though it's just rainy.

  6. Mmm I love chili all year round :)
    Love your little bowl, and what a great idea buy the bowl, fill it and eat! $8 is a bargain just for the bowl let alone getting lunch too :)