Wednesday, April 30, 2014

This little rabbit is one that has found a home in my wood pile, and I haven't seen him for several days because of the nasty weather.  But today he's out braving the wind and nibbling on new green grass.  It must be tasty.  I love how he's camouflaged so naturally.

I saw on a ukulele instructional DVD that putting a strap on the instrument is very helpful in getting one's fingers at the proper angle on the neck without having to also hold the weight of the instrument.  So, I decided to try it out on my soprano uke and see if I liked it.  I had the buttons put on (they had to drill into the wood, which made me nervous) and bought the best looking strap in the shop!  After I got it home, I tried it out...immediately.  And I love it!  Therefore, I am now willing to let them put buttons on my standard uke, which is my favorite because it has a full sized neck, translating into more room on the frets for my big fingers. 

In the past week, learned the strum pattern and chords for "Seven Bridges Road," by the Eagles.  It's a great piece; I love the sound.  It will be one I'll introduce to my students soon.  Can't wait.


  1. Bunny rabbit love. :) Your so talented with your music!!!

  2. "Ohana" means "family" in Hawaiian - an appropriate name for a ukelele.

    The wind has me hunkering down, too. It's been nasty!

  3. Glad you found a strap you liked. Love Seven Bridges Road. But, then again, there isn't much about the Eagles that I don't like. ;-)

    Hopefully, your bunny will have more grass soon. Around here, he would have plenty. Two days of rain have made the grass grow like Topsy.

  4. I've got a baritone uke left from my camp counselor days..... Sure hope your bunny is better behaved than the ones in our yard!