Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Slowly, a spring awakening ...

In the background of this photo of the robin, one can see that the field grass has turned green, and it's very evident along the roadways.  Today I saw farmers working in their fields: plowing and planting.  I think we're just a week away from seeing evidence of green leaves trying to emerge on bare tree branches.  Oh, I'm anxious!

With the warmer temps, I'm noting that I need to get my To-do list going. 
1.  rake up dead grass and pine needles
2   get new gas in the gas can and start the mower
3.  mow grass
4.  get out the hoses and start watering the dry spots

I'm not thinking about planting flowers just yet... but I sure am enjoying other bloggers' beautiful photos of spring flowers in bloom.  They are spectacular.


  1. Our robins are gone. Guess they flew up north. ;-)

    For us's going to be summer already. This weekend the temps are going to hit 90! No more spring for us.

  2. We had really warm weather here in California for a while and now we're back to much cooler weather and a wee bit of rain. Spring will come... slowly, but when it does, you will feel like you braved a very long winter and deserved every bit of the sunshine.
    Now, go get that new gas can...

  3. I'm doing yard work today, but watering will have to wait until mid-May. I'm getting anxious for color, but flowers, too, will be delayed until all chance of frost has passed.

  4. WE just returned from Virginia. FLowers and flowing crabs everywhere. I need to put out my hummingbird feeder!