Wednesday, April 16, 2014

They found it!!

One bird is sitting on top of the sock; the other on the branch.

I had to take these pictures from inside the house, using the telephoto, but I saw two finches eating the thistle seed!  The pictures are not great, but they offer proof.  Yahoo.  I'm looking forward to watching these birds, even if from afar.


  1. WaHoo, the High Plains Footprints restaurant is OPEN - no reservations required!

  2. I love watching them YELLOW up in summer

  3. Do the birds pull the seed through the fabric of the sock?

    Spring can't be too far away if you have birdies at the feeder.

  4. I can hear birds out my windows but I don't see many until I go up to my parents' house in Ojai. So fun looking out the windows seeing all the different species. These little guys are sweet!