Thursday, April 10, 2014

Quiet on the surface

The catkins are growing and looking more like a kitten's tail.

If there's any visible (exciting) action  going on around here, it would have to be the growing catkins.

You know how sometimes things seem quiet on the surface, but there's plenty going on below?  Things around here seem rather like that at the moment.

I've finished two of three knitting projects.  The third one is a lacy scarf, and the progress is steady, but slow.  So, I'm in the thinking mode to determine what project I want to cast on next.  I have about 200 yds. of cotton, and I'm thinking I'd like to find a great knitted place-mat pattern.  I would like to get started on something like that soon, because I need a portable project.  But I haven't found THE pattern yet. 

Then, I have cotton yarn and a pattern for a sleeveless tee in my stash, and it's time to do something with it; it's been waiting ... well... too long.

I have some music transposing to do on a piano piece for a student.  Also, I need to stay a couple steps ahead and practice a bit more on my ukulele so I'm well prepared on that front.

I also (always) have a few house-cleaning projects vying for my attention. 

Decisions.  Decisions.  Plenty of thought.  Not much action.


  1. Great post - I know you will find THE perfect pattern for your portable project soon.

  2. Bet those catkins are producing pollen though? It's nice to have so many choices for how to spend time, isn't it? I'd love to hear your ukelel practicing!

  3. ALL OF THAT thought is very important before the action ! I am interested in the sleeveless top!

  4. Well, I know the housecleaning is important, but that would be the last thing I'd WANT to do. LOL