Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thursday morning musings...

A new cotton mat has been cast on the needles, and the pattern is called "Raised Diamonds."

Birds are still flitting from one bare branch to another in between snatching up bird seed.

The aspen tree is just full of catkins, so I'm anticipating that the little green leaves will begin emerging soon.

Lopee is back this morning, leisurely grazing on the new grass along the driveway.

The grass in my small yard is lucky to get a drink of water this morning.  When I first attempted to run the water, ice in the sprinkler kept that from happening. Yes, ice.   So I had to wait until late morning.  It's a cool start to the day...the warm sun rays are very much appreciated.


  1. Ice doesn't surprise me since it is still cold at night. Soon, the nights will be warmer.

    Love the cloth. You are making great progress.

  2. I love your placemats. I did make two dishcloths since last week. Hmmm may need to make some summer mats!

  3. Oooooo...I'd love to see Lopee in my yard. On the other hand, he (she?) would eat my veggies probably. LOL

    Hope the warmth finds you soon. Can you believe we are already at 90!!!

  4. Love the pattern of the new mat!

  5. Love that mat pattern, the color, too!