Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring... toes

It really feels more like spring.  This week we'll hit the 60's!!  But cool weather will still be coming in sporadically for another month or two.  I find it interesting to watch the clouds as they hang over the mountains or move east across them. 

I'm down to the toe on the 2nd sock!!  I'll have a pair to wear...very soon.  They'll be great to cover the toes on our cooler spring days.


  1. Your sock looks great!

    Looks like someone over in the mountains got quite a rain storm.

  2. I am still wearing my wool socks. I don't completely give them up since we like to camp in the Snowy Range in the 'summer' (summer is fickle there). :)

  3. WaHoo, you are nearing the finish line!

    I'm still wearing my wool socks and probably will for another month.

  4. Beautiful pictures of the mountains OH my. You have such scenery.
    Love the sock color. shows off the pattern beautifully