Monday, April 14, 2014

Here, birdie, birdie...

Yet another spring snow storm blew in and out yesterday.  The wind was blowing hard enough that all the snow was blowing past in a horizontal manner; so I'm thinking that most of the snow (and moisture) I could have enjoyed on my trees and grass,  actually landed several miles south, except for the drifts that managed to gather up a slight accumulation around the sagebrush.  And today, it will probably all melt by afternoon, as we will be about 30 degrees warmer.

Although it was pretty nasty out, I didn't let the weather deter my activities.  I went to brunch, had wonderful visits with friends, and then listened to a bluegrass jam session.  Loved it!! That's a perfect Sunday afternoon!

I've been waiting, but I finally made the move:  I put out more bird feed, but this time it's a thistle sock.  I'm hoping to lure in some other birdies.  Hanging the sock is my version of tweeting... "Here, birdie, birdie... "  I'm wondering how long it will take for the sock to be discovered; I'm watching...


  1. Spring sure has been slow to come to your part of the world.

    We are already hitting "summer" numbers! YIKES! I think it is going to be a long hot summer here.

  2. Love that blue sky but not the snow! Somebody needs to remind your weatherman that it's spring now. LOL Great idea for the thistle, and I bet the birds agree!

  3. If there are Finches, they will come. I don't know what you put into the sock but the black, niger seed will draw the little yellow Finches and they are wonderful to watch.
    Hope your Spring comes to stay with the birds. Happy Easter!