Saturday, April 5, 2014


My Aspen tree is growing catkins.  I first noticed them last spring and got interested enough to do a little research; I wrote one blog about it last March.  A couple of readers have made a comment, so I thought I would make mention of it again this spring.  

The word catkin is of Dutch origin and means "kitten's tail."  In the spring, these fuzzy, cylindrical-shaped tufts of tiny seeds begin to appear.  They grow until they look like fuzzy little kitten tails.  Both female and male Aspen trees have catkins, but the male catkin is the one with the pollen.  It simply depends on these March and April winds to pollinate the females.  Eventually, the female will release her seeds and the wind sweeps them off to other places.  Then the pretty apple-green leaves appear.

I will share some close-ups again next week as the fuzzy tails get more length.  They are a sure sign that Spring really is on its way!


  1. Yeah spring!

    Apparently we are skipping spring and going right into summer. I had to turn on the A/C yesterday. Tomorrow it is going up to 90!!!

  2. I was one who asked what they were. Thank you for the info and now, a post on them.
    I love the name "catkin". Makes me want to run out and buy a kitten so I can name it Catkin. Such a sweet name.

  3. love learning something new. Someone else posted Catkins this week. So cool.
    Catkin is a great kitten name Farmlady