Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring tunes, wild animals, and runners

This week I attended 3 spring concerts: a high school band, a high school vocal, and a college jazz concert.  They were all well worth it.  So I got a good dose of live music to carry me for a while.

As I was leaving the house yesterday...guess who was on my property?  Lopee.  I don't know why he was all by himself, but he seemed to be enjoying the nibble of new grass recently nourished by the spring snow storms. 

And the birds are happy that there's plenty of seed. Although it appears the feeder needs to be filled again.

Finally, I spent yesterday announcing a high school track meet. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day, near 60 degrees, and no wind; it's one of the best days for a track meet we've had in years! Here's the view of the long-jump pit from the crow's nest (or announcer's booth).  It's the best seat in the house.   I've done the announcing for WRHS for years, and I enjoy it.  I was only given two days notice, so it's kind of amazing that I didn't have something else already planned.  It all worked out well.  During the field events I play music from my iPod over the sound system.  I think it's all upbeat and appropriate lyrics; although some of the "oldies" tunes aren't particularly popular with the kids... I don't care. Sorry, but no rap. The coaches and more mature spectators love it. 


  1. Is that an antelope? Looks like you have a perfect view of the track!

  2. Lots of good memories working at the track meets with you. Remember when we set up shop with computers, printers and PA system in the school bus parked alongside the track?

  3. Tried to email you but it bounced back twice. We are singing Durufle's Requiem tonight, streamed live: Thought you'd enjoy the organist, too. Happy Easter.

  4. Sounds like you keep yourself VERY busy in a good way. :-)

  5. My youngest son use to do the long jump and the triple jump. that was many years ago. I loved going to the track meets. It's always nice when the weather cooperates.
    Happy Easter.

  6. Wwww spring in Wyoming!!!!!!!