Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Monday

Hello, Robin red breast!  What's the news today?  Is it true that spring is here and warm temps are here to stay???

I've been knitting away on this forest green cotton mat, and I'm nearly at the end of the ball.  I think I can squeeze one more repeat out of what's remaining.  Then, I'm thinking a crocheted border would add just the right finishing touch.  I'm planning to make another mat with the remaining ball, but I'm considering using a different stitch pattern, just for fun.  


  1. That pattern really pops with that color. You really got finished quickly.

  2. The Robins are busy building nests under my deck. They wanted to build on top of my front porch light, but I discouraged that before it was too established.

    Love the mat and think a crochet border would add a wonderful touch.

  3. Nice work! That's a great color. Trying out new stitches is perfect for these kinds of projects. Hope that robin sticks around for a while!