Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ready for the turn...

OK, I'm ready to turn the heel on my 2nd Dragonfly Sock.  

When I finished the first sock... I went into that "second sock funk"...like...do I really have to spend a couple more weeks until this project is finished???  No wonder some gals knit both socks at the same time!  But now that I'm down to the heel turn, I feel better...I feel energized to get to the toe.  

I'm ready for the turn...the turn of the seasons...and it's a slow go.  But I saw more evidence of the turn today with the growing catkins on the Aspen tree.  We're supposed to get snow or rain sometime today, and I think the catkins would love that.


  1. Ok, you have inspired me to carry on. I haven't done a pair of socks but I did do felted slippers recently and, as you know, I'm making a doll right now. I appreciated your kind comment. This is what stretches us and broadens our creativity. The Dragonfly socks will be beautiful and you will wear them proudly but... I still don't know why socks and slippers have to come in pairs. LOL!
    What are "catkins" on the Aspen tree?

  2. That's it. Im knitting my next pair simultaneously….just thinking about doing it TWICE is icky…so I'll knit side by sides Thanks

  3. I often knit on two separate sets of needles, so when they are done, I'm done!

  4. Wow, you did these really quickly! I get SSS also sometimes a really bad case that lingers and lingers. Side by side is the way to go. I get mixed up with two on one needle for some reason.

  5. I've never heard that word, catkins. I had to look it up!! I thought I knew all CAT words ! Thanks

  6. I can completely understand that feeling, so if I was a knitter, I would have to knit two at a time..could you imagine me doing that, lol. Toe? heel...leg? Now where was I?