Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One can was not enough...

I discovered that one can/gallon of Superdeck was not enough to treat the deck.  So, yesterday I was able to pick up another can...and as soon as it cools down a few degrees, I'll finish the job.  It's going to get mighty close to 100 degrees they predict.  And I didn't get up before the crack of dawn to work in the cool of the the job awaits.

With all the construction activity going on around here, I did not see my little wildlife buddies - the rabbits and lizards.  Then...finally, they both showed up.  The lizard was really wondering what the heck happened to his old haunts.  The rabbit  seems pretty content...nibbling on greens, with no one bothering him or making a bunch of noise. 

They don't seem bothered a bit by the heat... just hide from it and relax.  Another day in paradise?


  1. I like the stain color that you're using - warm and inviting.

    Yes, today is a good day to find some shade.

  2. I think we could take a little advice from the wildlife ---- chill out during the heat of the day. LOL

  3. Aww good that the two creatures came back to you! Love the new stain