Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts...

As soon as we arrived on top of Cyclone Pass, put down our helmets and lunch bags, Mr. Chipmunk showed up.

I thought, "Oh, he's a cute little guy."
He thought, "I'm irresistible!"
I thought, "I bet I can get a picture."
He thought, "More wilderness tourists!  Take all the pictures you want.  I know you've got some food here somewhere."
I thought, "Hey, you're not very shy or very scared of us."
He thought, "No food in the helmet. It must be in this other bag.  Oh yeah, here it is."
I thought, "Come on little guy, move on."
He thought, "Come on gal, share some of this buffet.  See how cute I am?"
I thought, "Hey buddy, it's pretty obvious others have fed you, but I'm not going to, so move along."
He thought, "If I chew through this bag, lunch will be mine!!"
I thought, "Hey, quite that!...shooooo!" 


  1. So, did he move on? Chipmunks are quite cheeky little fellows! Cute though.

  2. He's quite a bold guy! Down here the squirrels are like that. They KNOW you have something they want.

  3. Chippies are so dang cute. They are more cartoon than creature to me

  4. Hmmm, cute only goes so far in the wilderness. Did he tell you he had a large family to feed?

  5. Cheeky little guy, no pun