Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer artists

The second annual Chalk the Walk event at the library was a tremendous success.  More artists. More admirers.  More folks listening to the free live music too. 

One of the gals in our knitting guild won 1st prize with her chalk painting of an Indian Paint Brush.  Yahoo!!  Way to go, Rachel!

Here's another one of my favorites, a chalk drawing of a Self Portrait by Vincent Van Gogh,


  1. It was a fun evening. I'm glad Rachel's drawing won as it was one of my favorites.

  2. It was a great night!
    Fun with friends AND free!
    What more could a person want?

  3. Very talented chalk artists.

    Do you know that, in Orlando, it is illegal to chalk the sidewalk? During the Occupy movement, the protesters were chalking up the sidewalks downtown. So, City Council, make a law saying you couldn't use chalk on public areas ---- what they didn't plan for was children. It effectively made it illegal for children to play with sidewalk chalk. Not sure whether it has been repealed, but it should be if it hasn't.

  4. I've always loved to see that kind of's so creative and beautiful.