Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

I attended another concert on the library lawn last night.  The performers were the same folks from two weeks ago (no new pictures), but they played an entirely different set of songs. 

One song that Ben sang was one I had never heard before.  The tune is titled,"The River Knows Your Name" and was written by John Hiatt.  It's a beautiful song...and Ben delivered the lyrics beautifully.  After I got home, I had to look it up on-line, get a copy of the lyrics and guitar chords.  I also listened to a You-Tube recording of John Hiatt singing this song, which he wrote...but I'm not too impressed with his singing voice and delivery.  Nevertheless, if you listen to it, you get the idea.  When this piece is sung with a deep, lyrical voice... it's memorable!  Last night's crowd loved this piece.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh the river knows your name
and your tears falling like the rain
all around you suffering and pain
Oh the river knows your name

And the river hears you cry
As the lightning cracks the open sky
As your Momma sings a lullaby
Oh the river she knows why

Let the river wash you down
Beneath the surface with a rushing sound
Like a freight train passing through a town
Let the river wash you down

Let the river take away
All the words what you and I could never say
In the silence Darling let us pray
Let the river take it all away

Oh the river knows your name
From the Brazos to the Wabash to the Seine
No two journeys are ever quite the same
But the river knows you name,
Oh, the river knows your name


  1. aww they have a lot of talent if they can do two different shows in such a short time

  2. Sounds like you really enjoy this couple.

    I heard Alberta Bound done by Off Kilter at EPCOT and then heard if done by the original performer (Gordon Lightfoot). I like Off Kilter's version MUCH better. I think I'm going to have to get one of their CDs next time I'm out there.

  3. Sorry I missed this concert: they are two talented musicians.