Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Western Gun Blazin' Sunsets...

No doubt about it, I've discovered our summer sunsets are the best.  Within the last year, I've been watching the skies like never before.  What drama the summer skies put on the stage! I almost missed this show... rushing out of the house, barefoot, to capture shots of the final moments of sunshine on the horizon last Saturday night.


  1. thanks for those glorious sunsets….wow

  2. Gorgeous!

    On evenings after thunderstorms, we have some VERY interesting skies.

    The other night we were over at the beach. We had a room facing the ocean and there were thunderstorms all around. Steve and I watched the lightning move into the ocean for hours!!!

  3. Nice sunset photos! We've always heard that the best sunsets are result of smoky skies.

  4. Wow, those are fabulous! What a nice evening treat!