Monday, September 15, 2014

A beautiful September morning...

The cold front passed through, but we're back to normal fall temps.  I couldn't, however, pass up the picture of snow on the foothills which lasted a little longer than the snow in my yard.  I like how the high peaks are visible between layers of clouds.  The leaves on a few trees have started turning, but the show of color is probably two to three weeks away. 

The chuckers are back.  They came through last year, and here they are again.  I don't know what they are finding to eat here, but they are poking/pecking around every morning.  15-20 of them were hanging out for quite a while.

I was inspired to make some jewelry this weekend, and the fall colors were inspiring me. 


  1. Wow, the photo of the Wind River range is gorgeous!

    Love the jewelry you made - very nice.

  2. We love those mountains don't we?

  3. You are a talent! Jewelry looks great. Fall is so darn inspiring. WE are waiting for that warmth to come back. Send it fast OKAY?

  4. What a post filled with BEAUTIFUL. The mountains are gorgeous. You are so lucky to have such a view!

    Such beautiful jewelry too! I think the first one is my favorite.

    As for the chucker ---- Mmmmmmmmm...they look delicious. A friend gave us a dozen or so of those last year. Soaked in milk and then roasted --- YUM!