Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Orange frog

Ribbit...and double ribbit!  I had to frog it.  Bummer.  I had two inches completed.  I was trying to convince myself that it really wasn't too big around and that it would all work out fine if I just kept going.  After trying on the knitted cuff section over my hand numerous times, the orange light finally dawned on me that the size was not working out at all. I want orange fingerless mitts that fit well!  So.... I had to do it.

I cast on again, this time with fewer stitches (the small size).  It looks kind of small.  Hmmm. This better work out.  Frogging a second time just would not work for me.  Of course, my friend "Lyle" would say that the yarn and knitting project will last a lot longer if I keep frogging; it's a way to keep one's eyes from wandering toward new purchases so quickly. 


  1. I have a Christmas gift order of an orange hat for my toddler nephew. Orange is SO not my color, so there is none in my stash. A purchase is in order....

  2. oops BUt it will be so worth it. THey will be lovely in orange!

  3. So it that a technical knitting term? LOL.

    Still a gorgeous color.


  4. Oh well, not for me. Frogging does NOT keep me from shopping for more. One of these days we might be drowning in yarn here.

    Hope the second cast on works out. It sure is PRETTY yarn.

  5. You remembered!
    Sorry you had to practice my theory!
    Love, love, love that color!!!!!!