Friday, September 26, 2014

Sighting Autumn near South Pass

Thanks, Lyle, for the leaf-peeping tip.  I had to go to Lander one day this week, and my plan was to extend the day into some picturing-taking opportunities.  I knew that would pretty much "shoot" the day, but what what the heck.  Everything else could wait.  

When Autumn waltzes through, you've got to be ready to dance.  Or, you'll be sitting, like a wallflower, either silently reprimanding yourself for not having more fortitude to get up and involved, or feeling sorry for your self-inflicted predicament.  I prodded myself, "Come on girl, let's shake a leg." 

After leaving Lander, I started climbing the pass, and sure enough,... there she was.  Her costumes were lit-up by the sun's rays and scattered here and there, as if she'd left them drop behind her,  enticing you to follow. 

 I don't know how she did it, but every garment appeared to be beaming in brilliant hues from its own internal light source. 

The occasional breezes sent her scarves and skirts spinning. 
  I was riveted by her showy costuming... and delighted to watch her nature-choreographed movement.

She's a spectacular performer, if you can catch the show.

I drove down Limestone Mt. Road... stopping repeatedly to capture caches of color.  It was glorious.


  1. It's all in the timing and she scheduled the show for all to enjoy this year!

  2. Gorgeous scenes; thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow your colors are way ahead of ours.. JUST Beautiful

  4. Your words and pictures are as great, if not better, than Robert Frost's poem you quoted!