Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wet-felting a scarf...

I received in the mail some very soft, fluffy, Cria-mix,  Alpaca roving.  Linda says it's bits and pieces from the babies, all thrown in together.  It's not combed, so it's called Cloud.  It's the softest fiber ... well named... light as a cloud and soft as butter. It feels great!! No itchiness at all!!

I couldn't get into it fast enough to see how many ounces would make a nicely shaped scarf.  I discovered that I could make this one with just under 2 ounces.  Linda said that because it's a very fine fiber, and because it's so fluffy, the fiber goes a long way and actually take less to create a scarf.  It did not take me long at all to lay out 3 layers of fiber and get the felting (kneading with hot water and bit of soap) underway.  Easy-peasy. 

This scarf is narrower and thinner (lighter) than the scarves I've felted in the past, and I really like it better. 

I'm ready for the November wet-felting scarf class!!


  1. Looks like you'll have a very warm neck this winter. It felted in a pretty way. I love the blend of colors.

  2. Glad you brought this to knitting last night so we could feel just how light and soft the fiber and scarf were.

  3. Nice work! I was very surprised recently to learn that baby alpacas are called cria.