Monday, September 1, 2014

A cool, quiet Labor Day...

I stayed home, read, walked, enjoyed the fresh (autumn) air, and the view from the porch.  Late in the day, the neighbors on both sides of me drove their campers back into their yards to park least until hunting season, I suspect.

It was tempting to plan something to be "out and about" over the weekend, but it seemed more right to stay home and take care of a number of tasks around the house and yard.  I did spend one day visiting with my cousin and watching his daughter play in a volleyball tournament. Otherwise, I simply enjoyed being home.

Both a friend and a family member attended concerts over the weekend, and they shared some new names of artists with me... they have been fun to check out.  Don't you love it how you can YouTube and/or Google these folks and immediately find so much info??  If you like contemporary Folk Music, you might check out Darryl Purpose from Colorado.  
Or check out the Canadian, Dave Gunning, singing "These Hands."

So, gals, as Labor Day passes, do you put away your shorts, tank tops, and white shoes??  I'll be wearing my capri pants for as long as possible, as well as my Keen sandals.    But, the chill in the morning air is telling me that I better start pulling out the long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, long pants, and my favorite knitted socks; they are coming back into season.

In previous Septembers, I well remember driving to work a little after 7:00 a.m. with the heater blowing... and driving home in the late afternoon with the air-conditioning.  And so... September has arrived again.  Who knows what little surprises she is packing. 


  1. September is still a hot and humid month here. So, the shorts, tees and sandals will still be employed. But, I've been scanning the internet to try and find some sweaters. I KNOW cooler weather will come along sooner or later.

    Enjoy your cool mornings. I'm looking forward to one of those. LOL

  2. Last week, I did pull out some of the long-sleeve shirts and they felt pretty good on the chilly mornings. Yep, Fall has been creeping down the mountain and is getting closer.

  3. im hanging on to summer Nancy Kay! Finding the early nightfall a bit enjoyable….the porch is cool and comfortable in the evenings!

  4. This summer sure did slip by quickly, didn't it? It was probably one of the best of all the years we've lived here, too! Lots of sun but not too hot.