Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My flower garden in pots

My flowers are giving me such joy! Love the colors.  And they are doing so well this year; perhaps it's all the rain... oh, and I've given them some fertilizer that's supposed to be good stuff.

I've had an opportunity now to read a good book while sitting out on the patio, enjoying the green grass, shady trees, and colorful petunias. Yea for summer!


  1. Well now, you can't tell us you read a good book and that not tell us what it was!!! LOL

    Your flowers are beautiful! Yep --- a bit of liquid sunshine and some food = great flowers! :-)

  2. Love the flowers! They brighten any day!

  3. My flowers and vegetables seem happy because of all the sun – as long as I can keep them watered enough!

  4. This has been a glorious Summer with a balance of warm and hot days and a spattering of cool ones, too.

  5. yes the flowers look so great right now in July. Sometimes in august they get a bit leggy like teenagers!
    Im putting mineral oil on my rose leaves to keep the bugs at bay . I think its working