Friday, July 31, 2015

Gotta love an outdoor concert

I made a road trip with Jane to Rock Springs Tuesday evening for an 8:30 pm concert.  It's a two and a half hour journey to get there, but so worth the trip when you get to see Martina McBride in concert at the country fair!!!  The stage was set up at the Fairgrounds...and we didn't realize we needed to bring our own seating... oh well.  So, since we (and almost everyone else) were standing, we wiggled our way to a  spot fairly close to the stage. 

That gal has a set of pipes!!  She's a little 'ol petite thing... with a big voice.  She has three back-up singers, her four piece band and another four playing reeds and horns.  What a great - full - sound.  Martina highlighted every single member in her group at the front of the stage, and they were all fantastic musicians/singers!

Great performance!  She sang non-stop for an hour and a half...ending the encore with "Independence Day."  The crowd loved it, swaying, hands in the air, and singing right along with her.  She had lots of adoring fans in Rock Springs.

I overslept the next morning...


  1. I'm sure it was well-worth the over-sleep! Aren't outdoor concerts wonderful? They're one of the best parts of summer!

  2. I don't know if I could do a 90-minute concert standing! Walking is one thing, standing is another....