Thursday, July 12, 2012


My neighbors and I have spotted antelope hanging-out down "over the hill" when we've been riding our 4-wheelers (ATV's).  But this summer they have boldly come up to graze on the grass and sage surrounding our houses.  Perhaps the reason is because it has been so dry. 

Four antelope on my driveway.
When I first saw a doe and buck sauntering through my property in June, I was pretty excited to see  big game so close.  So for the sake of conversation with my neighbor, I decided to name them Annie and Lope.  Since then, we've had a few more brave visitors:  a younger buck, which my neighbor named Fonzi, and three more does, Thelma, Louise, and ... well, we haven't settled on a third name yet. We're stuck on ... my other sister Thelma...for now.

It's been fun watching them.  I tracked these four in the picture above as they headed straight to another neighbor's yard, apparently looking to see if anybody was home.  I was hoping they wouldn't start eating their landscaping!  I know that deer can be very destructive, but I don't know about antelope...yet.

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