Thursday, July 19, 2012

Flowering House Plant

I surely do have much of a "green thumb," but I do have a few house plants that I truly enjoy.  The plant pictured below was given to me at least ten years ago.  I was so pleasantly surprised when it put on some very unusual blooms.  Again, this summer, I have two such blooms on this plant. These little "stars" are very waxy.  Does anybody know the name of this plant or anything about the blooms???


  1. It is a Hoya. Years ago School District 25 had tons of these plants in the windows of their food services office on 4th Street. When they moved out of the office to the Career Center many of us took sections of the plants to our buildings. The one at the Central Office is still growing there but to my knowledge has never bloomed. If I remember right the blossoms have a very distinct smell.
    Beautiful plant.....enjoy.

  2. Thanks, wyogg, for letting me know it's a Hoya plant. The blooms are so unusual!

    I see I left out the word "not," as in "not much of a green thumb." My apologies.