Monday, July 23, 2012

Big Horn Canyon

Yesterday I returned to a beautiful, scenic, recreational area I had not visited in about 15 years.  It’s interesting how one forgets many of the details of an area; yet some details get tucked into the long-term memory bank, not to be forgotten.  I’m so thankful I could make a return trip to the Big Horn Canyon Recreational Site to refresh the details, as this is a beautiful place.

Big Horn Canyon is in northern Wyoming, just outside of Lovell. I traveled with one of my teaching buddies, and we met another teaching buddy and her family at the river to ride our jet skis up Big Horn Canyon about 25 miles.  One can actually ride all the way to Yellowtail Dam in Montana, which is about 50 miles, one way.

The first time I made this trip, I owned a 20 ft. Ebko boat.  My brother and his family rode with me, and we traveled the river all the way to Yellowtail Dam.  The run-off that year was plentiful, and in many places we encountered pockets of debris in the river, through which we had to carefully maneuver.  It was great fun “running the river” at top speed and jumping the wakes of other boats. The river was green and very deep, and the canyon walls were unforgettable, a few details that stayed with me.

Yesterday’s adventure started by taking a look at the canyon from the top.  We drove to Devil’s Canyon overlook, where we could see the river as it snaked through the canyon walls.  That’s where we would be riding…
Big Horn Canyon


  1. Looks like a fun day.

    My brother John took his boat up to Yellowtail Dam one year, too. Your pictures reminded me of him.

    1. Thanks. Good to hear it brought back some memories. I'll share more tomorrow.