Friday, July 27, 2012

Chit Chat

On Wednesday morning (7-25-12) I agreed (with some apprehension) to join Sherry S. on the radio broadcast of "Chit Chat" on one of our local AM stations to talk about upcoming non-credit classes I will be teaching at Central Wyoming College this Fall.  I have four needle-felting classes scheduled, and this was certainly a great opportunity to inform listeners and perhaps generate interest for the classes.  However.....speaking "off the cuff" in front of many listeners is sometimes out of my comfort zone; but I decided to accept the invitation (bite the bullet, so to speak). 

The talk show host, Leslie S., was very kind, most interested in learning something about this craft, and led the conversation in such a way that it was a delightful experience.  Thank you, Sherry and Leslie!  Leslie was most fascinated by the 3-D figure of the Woodland Santa that I brought for her to see.  It was similar to the one pictured below.  This is one of the classes I'll be offering, and I'm looking forward to pulling out the wool and getting started again on some new projects!

Woodland Santa carrying a lamb

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  1. Sorry I missed the show, but I know that you did a great job.

    Leslie really does a wonderful job interviewing her guests.