Friday, July 20, 2012


Needle-felting is an art form that I have really enjoyed learning and experimenting with in the past few years.  I am amazed at what others have created with wool, from flat art projects to three-dimensional pieces.  I have found inspiration in needle-felting books, but even more from local artists.  Two of  the pieces I created this year are pictured below. The first is a landscape needle-felted on a 5X7" piece of polyester fabric.  Because it's behind the glass in this frame, it's a bit challenging to photograph.  I have begun to learn a lot about color, especially about laying down the wool so that the eye blends the colored fibers. 

Fall Mountain Colors
Another "flat" piece I made is on a wool table-runner.  I taught a needle-felting class last spring, which allowed the students to use cookie cutters to created the designs, rather than making the shapes free-hand. One of the gals made a beautiful one with the fish cookie cutter...and that inspired me to make one of my own (a variation on the theme). I decided to make mine into a wall-hanging and hung it from a tree branch with leather and beads.

Fish in the Stream

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  1. You are one talented lady!

    I love the landscape piece and hope you will share some of your other pieces here, too.