Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Programs

Every elementary student was in every Christmas program at the school I attended, so I had a few performances under my belt by the time I reached Jr. High. The community loved and supported every program.

I don't remember many specifics, but  one picture, probably taken by my parents, sticks in my mind; it was a big production! The picture revealed a colorful  and somewhat elaborate western background on the stage, which was filled with little students in colorful frocks.

Thinking back, I now realize that as a grade school student preparing for these programs, I was learning traditional  Christmas literature, learning to sing in large group, learning to hear and sing harmony, and learning concert etiquette. That music background led to my learning to play clarinet and to not only continue piano lessons, but also learn to accompany.  So by the time I was in high school, I had many opportunities to sing in a choir, to accompany soloists, and to play in a band.

I think what's remarkable about it all is that this was a small, rural community. Most classes had only 20-30 students.  But, somehow we were blessed with some top-notch teachers, and they gave me the opportunity to find my passion in the arts, nurture it, and give it expression.    I am so thankful that this was the case.

 My involvement in the arts has continued to this day in one way or another. When I hear of schools cutting back on instruction in the arts, I stand aghast.


  1. I think it's horrible that they are cutting these progams. For students that aren't *shiny stars* in their regular classes, art and music can provide a class where they are successful.

    When DH was *deployed* for a year, music class was my son's sanctuary. He has been into music in one way or another ever since.

  2. I have fond memories of music-based programs at school, too. I also remember when you playied the recorder for the Pep Club as we sang pep songs in harmony - too bad no one captured those times on film or movies. You even accompanied me a time or two as I sang solos in high school. Thanks.

    Thank you for all the years that you played the processional and recessional at graduation. You made those times very special for the graduates and their families. I am in awe of how you continue to spark the musical talent of your young piano and voice students. Take a bow, you deserve it!

  3. Music has been a big part of our lives also. We've sung in our church choir for 17 years and have traveled to Europe twice with it. Music speaks when words can't! Thankfully our school district supported the arts; I hope it still does.