Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Will it bloom by Christmas?

So for something special, I bought an Amaryllis plant recently, and I've been watering according to directions.  It has started to grow, but will it be blooming by Christmas???  I will be watching it daily! I've seen others do very well, and the blooms are beautiful.  Without a green thumb, I don't know any tricks.  I'm hoping special attention isn't needed.


  1. Don't know whether it will grow THAT fast. Hope you'll update us on the blog as it goes.

    I'm waiting the same thing with my Christmas cactus. It has buds, but they look small --- maybe it will be a New Year's EVE cactus! LOL

  2. I predict that it will bloom for Valentine's Day.

  3. They do very well and the shoot up so quickly! Good luck

  4. Have faith - whenever it blooms it will be beautiful and worth the wait.
    Rebel Follower