Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Look what flew in...

Something outside caught my eye.  I went to the window to take a closer look.  Hmmm. Several big birds had landed in my yard and seemed to be looking for something to eat as they pecked at the ground.  I had never seen these birds here before...and truthfully, I did not know what kind of bird they were.  Does anyone recognize them?

After doing some research, I discovered they are Chukar Partridges, know simply as Chuckars "in these here parts."  (A seasonal song lyric comes to mind..."and a Chukar Partridge in a pear tree..."  What?)

The stripes on their underside are quite distinctive, as is the band across their eyes and their red beak. I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures through the window.  I continued to watch them for another minute or so, and then something scared them, and up they flew.  I'm guessing there were 9 birds. Maybe they were looking for a pear tree? 


  1. I have never seen a chukar live. Very interesting looking bird.

    Several years ago one of our neighbors went hunting in Texas. He brought us back a pheasant and several of these chukar quail.

    They were delicious. You just had to watch out for pieces of buckshot in your dinner. LOL

  2. I saw chukar on the north farm; but, I haven't seen them since I moved.