Monday, December 10, 2012

Keen eyes...

It often takes a keen eye to spot wildlife.  On my way home from a quick trip "up country," just east of the Red Rocks I saw that a car had pulled over and the driver had walked some 40 feet out to the fence with his camera.  I slowed down to look.  Sure enough.  There they were. Grazing on a steep slope.  Big Horn Sheep.  I have not often seen them, so I had to stop and try to get a picture too.  Fortunately, this time I had my camera with me.  The wind was blowing and was so bitterly cold, that I was not motivated to get closer; I was going to rely on my little ol' telephoto lens this time.  Whatever image I could get was going to be good enough. I then focused in on the sheep standing alone (upper right corner), and the photo below was really pushing the limits of my lens.  But at least one can see the nice curl on the horn of this sheep.


  1. Awesome creatures!

  2. Great shots!

    Whenever I've seen the sheep, there was not a safe place to pull over.