Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Hitchhiker...

I'm nearly finished with another Hitchhiker Scarf. I'm making it on #2 needles with Zephyr yarn (50% wool/50% silk). I've added my own K2tog and YO's for interest.   The pattern calls for 41 "teeth" on the edge, and then bind off.  I already have a few more than that, and because I still have some yarn left, I've continued to add to the length.  Now I have to decide when long is too long.  I'm not sure I'll use up the whole ball, but it will be close. 


  1. I like you YO addition. It makes a pretty pattern.

  2. Very pretty - I love the red yarn, too.

  3. Te red yarn is beautiful. Love the scarf@
    Rebel Follower