Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Cat, Lucy...

I still miss my calico cat, Lucy.  She's the only one who survived all the predators, staying close enough to the house to be safe while watching her every move.  She was a great little buddy!  And I miss her loud purr and soft fur against my hands and face.  I loved it when she would fall asleep on my lap.  And when she was animated, like playfully batting at a ball of yarn, she made me laugh.

For Christmas I received a book entitled, I Could Pee on This - and Other Poems by Cats by Francesco Marciuliano.  My favorite poem from this collection is the following:

Talk To Me

Tell me about your day
Tell me about your dreams
Tell me about the girll you adore
The one who smiles but walks away

Tell me your greatest fears
Tell me your biggest secrets
Tell me your most chereished moments
The ones that light your darkest days

Tell me why things don't work out
Tell me why stuff gets in the way
Tell me why it stops you cold
The one thought you can't let go

Lie on the couch and talk to me
Open your mind and bare yourself
Because I think I finally figured out
   how to bill you
And I'm about to make a fortune


  1. LOL That sounds like something a cat would write.

    Lucy is a beautiful girl.

  2. How funny!

    Lucy definitely had a loud purr. I've always been drawn to calico cats: we had several on the farm, and each one was named "Lucky" because my mom said they were lucky to have so many colors.

  3. Aren't calico cats wonderful? We had two growing up, Eloise and Poof. The neighbor kids would dress Eloise in doll clothes and wheel her around in a doll buggy. She loved it!