Monday, January 14, 2013

Flowers, birds, and tires...

One last picture of my Amaryllis shows both stalks blooming.  These flowers have been such a welcomed burst of color in January. 

On another note, while I was having coffee with some girlfriends Saturday morning, it was discovered that my front left tire on the pick-up was going flat.  OH NOOOO...

My friend Julie took followed me a couple of miles to Plains Tires, and I asked if they could fix it.  Sure enough.  They were not  busy and could get right to it, but it would probably take 45 min. to patch it.  No problem.  While we waited, Julie took me to WalMart, where we both needed to pick up a few items.  I mention this only because we saw quite a site as we pulled up into the parking lot. 

I counted at least ten little birds sitting on the windshield wipers of a nearby car.  Whoa.  Really?  I thought I was lucky to get a picture.  Were they just trying to stay warm?  Perhaps the vent from the motor below was allowing a little warmth to rise up and give them relief from the frigid temps.  It was an interesting sight!

Meanwhile, back at the tire shop, I saw my pick-up sitting out front, and Julie just dropped me off.  When I went in, the guy behind the counter handed the keys to me and said it was ready to go.  As I began to pull out my wallet, he said, "Oh, there's no charge." 

Shocked, I said, "Really?" 

He said, "No, there's no charge."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes. There's no charge."

I thanked him!  I'm quite sure I'll return!  In this day and age...that doesn't happen very often.  And yet, I'm so grateful when I hear of such generosity and am thrilled to experience it too.  Makes you want to pay it forward for others, doesn't it? 


  1. That was a very nice surprise. I've had a few of those last year and yes, it DOES make you want to pay it forward.

    The little sparrows look so COLD! Maybe the windshield was still warm.

  2. Great photo of the birds - it's been so cold they were probably happy to have a warm place to sit. Isn't it fun to capture those special moments with a photo?

  3. The flowers are gorgeous and the birds are cute!
    Rebel Follower