Friday, January 25, 2013

Testing time...

Yeah, it's testing time in our schools: MAP testing, PAWS testing (state test), and pre-tests for the ACT.  It can be overwhelming to get it all done, keeping kids motivated to do their best, and to also keep them motivated for the next few months.

"Hey, just because you took the big tests, school is not over till June!! We've got a lot more to learn and apply!!"

Take note: 
   To Err is Human
    To Arr is Pirate
     To Ooh is Choir


  1. I share Robert Schaeffer's view of testing: "“In classrooms serving low-income and minority kids, it turns into teaching the test. The test becomes the curriculum. Because of concerns that those kids are not going to pass, education becomes narrowed to the content of the test.” I've seen it too many times to believe otherwise. By testing students so intensively, we are failing to actually educate them.

  2. Oh gosh ... I hate standardized testing. We have to find a better way to educate our kids.

    It's not just low-income and minority classrooms teaching to the test. It's ALL classrooms here in Orange County.