Monday, January 28, 2013

Rivet Magic

I enrolled in a jewelry making class over the weekend: Rivet Magic.  The task was to make a pair of metal disk earrings.  However, we had to cut out our own disks of metal, texture/hammer them, drill holes, and make a smooth rivet.  Then, we could add any stones or gems that we wanted to add some interest...or bling.  It took a couple of hours to do this, and the instruction was very good.  Had blast!
We had a choice of choosing silver, brass, or copper; obviously, I chose the copper (although the rivet is silver).  I'm hoping to make another pair (perhaps this week), now that I know the process and how to use all the tools.  Next time: silver.


  1. They turned out beautiful! Did you make the little swirly piece at the bottom too? It's so hard to get them so even. You did a great job.

    1. Wow...they are really cute.
      Sounds like a worthwhile class!

  2. Nice job! You've added another skill to your list of talents.

  3. Awesome! They are beautiful.BTW have you read/heard that some Seattle teachers are refusing to give the MAPS test?