Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I know you'll understand...

Shopping downtown...  parked near the yarn shop... walking right by it...may as well go in, although I don't need a thing.  It's just so fun to poke around and see the new yarns and displays.  You understand.

Oh look, a Brickless Scarf is displayed on this manikin.  I knit one a few months ago and vowed to knit another. . .  sometime. The yarn on this sample is a very smooth heathered-grey, and it shows off the stitch pattern beautifully. Oh, it's made out of Malabrigo?  Yeah, one of my favorites, for sure.  Yes, I see you have a variety of pretty new colors in Malabrigo.  I love this yarn.  What? You have a brand new yarn?  Road to China by The Fibre Company?  It looks so soft.  It's made of what?  65% Baby Alpaca, 10% Cashmere, 10% Camel, 15% Silk.    Hmmm...  let me just feel th........oh, it's like ... "butta".. . really!!   Girls, you've got to check it out. 

Wouldn't a Brickless Scarf be FABULOUS knit with this stuff????

Truthfully...I hemmed and hawed ...  almost talked myself out of it.  But I caved.  Bought 2 skeins...  and I might even (gasp) start a  3rd project soon!  It's in good hands till I get to it...


  1. Sounds like the yarn found a good home!

  2. MAYBE you'll get to knit a third project. Looks like Mr. Eagle may have different ideas.

    P.S. The yarn is beautiful. The blend-up sounds yummy soft!

  3. Wheeeeeee!! Good for you..that yarn was screaming to yoU!

  4. Only a third project? LOL Very pretty, and I sure know what you mean; I caved this weekend also.