Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring teaser...

If you saw the pictures in the last post... some blue skies, clouds dropping moisture in "isolated" spots, warm temps... here's the follow-up:

Later that afternoon, while it was delightfully pleasant, I decided to lay down and read for about an hour.  After a short span of time, I heard rain hit the roof.  I smiled.  Oh, it sounded so good; I hadn't heard rain in months.  In my mind's eye I imagined a very nice shower which would leave the ground a bit muddy, sure, but the air would be be fresh and the moisture would be gently coaxing new growth to emerge later in the spring.  The rain continued... I listened...I may have drifted into a nap for a few minutes.  But then, it was time to get up, and I was looking forward to ...

"What???"  Snow???  Sleet???  Rain???  The ground was covered in white slush.  



  1. Winter doesn't want to loosen its grip, too much!

  2. Very very cool images. We will appreciate summer so very much this year!

  3. Wow! That was quite a change in a short amount of time.

    Weather can be like that here too --- minus the snow and slush, of course.

    (Although we HAVE had snow twice since we've lived here. It just doesn't usually STICK.)

  4. I love those first 2 photos. Only in Wyoming can you get those.

  5. Nice photos! You never know what that weatherman is going to do once you shut your eyes, eh?