Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tweet, tweet...

The little birdies are certainly making their presence known today.  It's the first day I've been outside and could hear birds tweeting, even from a distance.  I had several jumping from branch to branch in my yard, but when I went outside to get a picture, they turned out to be camera shy!  Who would have thought? 

I had to be sneaky and take pictures from inside, through the window.  I'm guess these little ones are sparrows.

It's another sign of I'll take it...and bank it!


  1. It's a sure sign that full-on spring can't be far behind.

  2. house sparrows like mine welcome spring please come in

  3. Ah yes, he birds are singing in the mornings, too. I even saw a couple of robins two weeks ago. Spring really is coming. . .

  4. Hurrah for spring! So glad it's decided to show its face almost everywhere.

  5. The bird song was so beautifully loud the other week, and then it snowed, kind of dampened their spirits...hopefully they will sing as loud again soon.