Friday, March 7, 2014


Those little black dots are the vocal cows grazing in the fields.
I stepped outside this morning to get the mail, and I was greeted by the cows in the valley sending up welcoming "Mooo's."  The herd was very vocal, and it's the first I've heard from them in months; I think it's one of the first signs of SPRING. 

Yesterday's storm clouds began to brake up early this morning and have begun to move slowly east.  But a stubborn cluster has gathered in the west to leave one last dump of snow. Possibly rain. 

To the north... the clouds are putting on a show of fluffy forms, varying in color from the whitest whites to the darkest greys. 

And it's so pleasant's a real spring teaser!


  1. I love cloud watching. :-)

    Have a great weekend. Hope spring truly is on the way for you. Moooooooooooooooooo!

  2. Same tease is happening here today. I just came in from enjoying the sunshine and taking more photos!

  3. Looks like spring might really be on its way! You've had a long enough winter!

  4. Yes, the clouds are a true signal of coming rain showers rather than snow flurries.

    Oh course, it will storm because I broke down and washed the Winter yuck off of my car today.

  5. It's so beautiful...and you can see for miles. That's a rare sight here, we are ringed by mountains.


  6. Hooray perhaps the winter worst is over! Its windy in Chicago today, helping to dry up some snow but lots to go

  7. Beautiful pictures! I'm a big fan of the cow landscape.