Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March on...

Ah yes,  let your humorous inclinations lead you on... it's helps lighten the mental load.

We made it to March...and I've often said, "If we can just make it to March, we will have made it through the worst of winter."  And here we are.  Suddenly, the temps are more moderate and then nights are not dipping into single digits or below zero.  So, now, the march through March is ON.  And we'll need some humor.

I remember when I was teaching high school that the month of March was a tough one.  If you're involved with school in any way, you know that it's tournament time for basketball and wrestling.  And I noticed that the students are usually pretty exhausted at this point...and not so responsive in the classroom.  Grades tend to be at their lowest for the entire year; 3rd quarter grades (due in March) are usually a disappointment. And, it's state testing time.  Enough said.  Add to that, teacher contracts are renewed or terminated...and the news comes in March.  Most of the seniors are gone for a week to see the sights in Washington, D.C. on the Close-Up trip.  Teachers are also launching into plans for their final activities of the year --  speech contests, banquets, theater productions, concerts, music festivals, prom, and the like.  Oh, and Track season begins. 

We'll soon have Daylight Savings Time, and that makes it appear that we are opening the door for spring...but let's be honest, she probably won't arrive for another month and a half.  So, enjoy a good chuckle. Prance around in antlers.  Tell a funny story.  Knit something whimsical.  Cook a favorite dish.  Whatever it takes...to keep Marching on...


  1. Funny.

    March is the time when we no longer have chilly days --- well, usually. This winter has been very different. We didn't have a frost here this year, but we had many chilly and WINDY days. Unusual for us.

  2. great advice. Im trying to like march this year. even if I have to order yarn to do it.

  3. That is one talented Elk! Wouldn't you hate to have to lug those horns around every day? It's pretty rainy here, but at least we don't have to shovel it. Knowing April comes next helps, doesn't it? (At least the rain will be a tad warmer. LOL)

  4. A great post!

    Let's not forget March Madness the entire month and the relentless Wyoming March winds.