Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sock progress

I'm making progress on the first sock.  I decided to knit 6 repeats of the dragonfly pattern down the leg before starting the heel flap.  I'm on that last repeat, so the heel flap will soon follow. 

I've got to stop blogging about the weather's just too crazy!  Yesterday we broke a record for warmest day on record at 65 degrees.  I was out and about without even a jacket!  Then today, snow, wind, and temps back down to freezing.  I even started a fire in the wood stove. Sheeeshh.

It's a good day to be knitting...


  1. I think the earth is getting rocked on its foundation. Hang on (to the Lord); it's going to be a bumpy ride!

  2. Good choice of yarn for this pattern.

  3. Maybe your dragonfly will call spring here for good, then the dragonflies can fly again

  4. I did six on my Dragonfly too. Five seemed too short.

    We've had up and down weather. Today was absolutely gorgeous in the afternoon, but a cold front is heading our way and tomorrow is supposed to be chilly again. :-(

  5. Ok, that looks really difficult and complicated! Beautiful color!!