Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cotton projects

I'm still working on the cotton projects: socks and shell.  Cotton is such a nice fiber to work with as the temps warm up. 

I started the sock on a weekend trip, and it's coming right along.  The pattern is assuming I'm using double-pointed needles.  However, I like using two circular needles to knit socks.  So, to accommodate the pattern going down the top of the foot, I've had to split the 66 stitches between the heel stitches on one needle and the instep stitches on the other -- from the heel flap all the way to the toe.  It's been a little awkward for picking up the stitches and knitting the gussets, but it's working out. 

I've got a good start on the back of the shell.  I'm at about 8", and I need 12" before I begin the armhole decreases. 
Summer knitting -- Yea!  I think I have a purple focus this season!


  1. Purple does seem to be the color of choice - even for your fingernails!

  2. Your nails coordinate very well with your projects. ;-)

    I love the colors in the sock yarn. I know you probably mentioned it before, but what yarn is it?

  3. and your nails are purple!! I love that sock color way knit up just in that pattern

  4. Looks like you're getting along nicely on the back of your shell! I really like that pattern and yarn. Nice socks, too. That's a pattern on my needles now also; great yarn, too. Purple seems to be on my needles a lot lately, too. Nice nails!