Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer schedules get crazy...

It's summer!  I've been waiting...and now it's here.  So many activities get penciled into my schedule.  I love it, but other things...like my blogging...get put on the back burner.  But, I will have some fun things to write about when I get to it.  Or at least that's my plan.

My knitting continues.  I still have found time in the evenings to click the needles and add more rows.  One sock is finished!  Yea!  It's always at this point that I think, "I should have knit two socks at one time!"  But, I like this pattern, so I'll soon get started on sock no. 2. 

The weather.  It's on the news nightly, and I sure feel for those folks in Nebraska and Minnesota. The last storm to blow through a couple days ago left fresh snow, yes snow, in the mountains.  Thankfully, the melting has been slow and steady, and the rivers have not been too much over the banks.  Some scattered showers...and wind... are pretty normal for June. I think our summer temps are right around the corner.


  1. Glad you haven't been getting the flooding and tornadoes! It's been a wild couple of months.

    We are into the heat of summer and I'm already tired of it.

  2. HOoray. I LOVE THAT SOCK> Perfect color way and pattern blend. Winner winner chicken dinner…when that second sock is finished

  3. Great-looking sock - a nice finish.

    I'm happy the snow stayed in the mountains, but the wind coming from that direction has been a bit chilly.

  4. Love that sock! Spring Forward is a great pattern, and your sock is farther along than mine. My sis in MN says the skeeters are terrible this year also.

  5. Love how the socks turned out!
    Keep knitting girl!