Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Yarn on the run...

A gal just has to have a knitting project she can take on the road, on the plane, on a knitting date with the gals.  I didn't have one on the I pulled out a sock pattern I wanted to try: Spring Forward.  (Thanks to Dee)  And I looked through the stash and found a spring-colored yarn that would do just fine. (Thanks to a hot sale on Opal cotton yarn that Nancy S. alerted me to a couple years ago.)  So, gals, you've kept me clicking on some sock projects, and the new patterns keep it interesting.

My little bunny buddy has found a new shady spot to rest after a full morning of nibbling at the wild grasses.  Evidently the little pine tree which struggles to get enough water, is big enough to give my bunny just the right amount of cool shade. That little barrier was supposed to discourage bunnies from getting to the tree.  Hmmmm.... not so effective.   This is the second day I've seen him there. 


  1. Spring Forward looks great in that color! Glad you are enjoying the pattern.

    Apparently, Mr. Bun thinks you built him a little siesta porch. LOL

  2. I love knitting with Opal cotton!

    The sock pattern will look great in the yarn you selected.

  3. You'll like that pattern. It's great! (Thanks, Dee.) Great color; isn't Opal nice? Hope your bunny sticks to eating just grass. Ours are very naughty!