Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Knitting on hold...

That's right, I haven't picked up the sticks for 3 days!!  That rarely happens.  But, I've had several irons in the fire... and I'm putting off a decision concerning the pattern.  Do I make the armholes a little bigger than called for?  That's what my intuition tells me to do.  But how much is too much?  Would one inch do it?  What if one inch isn't quite enough? I've compared it to other garments.
 I'm pondering the decision.  I have only inches to go before the bind-off...and I'm stalling. 

A bigger opening is certainly better than one that is too small/tight!  Bigger would be OK, as I'll have to wear a cameo under this anyway; I know you can't see the holes/ loose weave in this photo...but trust me.  So, I need to commit to a decision.  However, there's no anxious feeling just looking at this unfinished section, because I haven't made the critical ("oh-oh, too late now") decision... yet.


  1. If you have to wear a cami under it anyway, I think I'd go a bit bigger. Having an armhole creep up on is almost as bad as having your undies do it.

    I love that braid down the center. Very pretty.

  2. That's a pretty pattern. Dee's advice sounds good to me...

  3. Trust your gut on this one.

    You've made great progress since I saw this last week. Nice job!

  4. Oh I know that feeling. I hate that feeling. I keep looking at the vest I made last winter that was way too big. Back to non fitting knits, thanks for the reminder